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We believe that soon other exchanges will notice our success and hence will list and trade SwisCoin. We are extremely pleased that SwisCoin is listed on We are confident that more will follow in during this and the next year. Until then visit and watch SwisCoin’s development. SwisCoin will be traded on the SwisCoin Exchange in the backoffice.

Swiscoin Login

It is their voices and ideas, their visions and courage, which will make SWISSCOIN the leading global currency with a billion users. OP how much will be the opening price once MSCN is available in Bitcoin? I hope you are giving even little incentives on SCN holders. Just like what happened on BTCD swap to Komodo. Holders will be able to swap their coins from They will get the swapping button on this website, only need to click on this button; the old SCN will be converted to the MSCN in the same wallet after some confirmation.

Master Swiscoin (MSCN)

Here are Master Swiscoin (MSCN) prices in real time on different https://cryptolisting.org/ exchanges. For Swisscoin SWC 80Billions Coins have been created.

Consistent with its pledge to protect personal privacy, Sentifi adheres to the Data Protection Laws. You can use this Master Swiscoin review to check if it is worth it to invest in this coin and how trusted or risky this investment could be.

The user may not duplicate Sentifi services, copy them, trade them as secondary services, sell them, using them for commercial purposes or offer them in any other way unless Sentifi has explicitly agreed to otherwise in written form. The fees for your first year of service will be charged to your credit card on the day you sign up, and fees for each additional year will be charged on the annual anniversary of your sign-up date. We do not provide refunds or credits for partial years of service, downgrades in service that occur in the middle of an annual billing cycle, or all or any portion of an annual billing cycles in which the service was unused but the account was open, or for any other reason. Sentifi reserves the right to withdraw or amend the website and any service or material provided on it, in its sole discretion without notice.

Generally, cryptocurrencies do not require a centralised entity. Other names include dixicoin virtual currency and altcoins. They are at the beginning of the revolution.

Master Swiscoin reached its highest price on June 22, 2017, when it was trading at its all-time high of $ 1.80. Tokens will not be sold on the SwisCoin Exchange any more, as the coin trading has started. The mandatory accounts can buy them, but the mandatory accounts can also buy SwisCoin directly, to avoid the waitlist for mining and join at a lower price. On May 31st, 2015 the promotion for mining and tokens splitting is over.

Master Swiscoin is currently trading on 1 exchange, with a 24hr trade volume of $9. After launched MSCN, SCN holders will have to exchange their SCN to MSCN; the existing Swiscoin [SCN] will be of no value coin after February 20, 2017. The SCN holders must have to exchange their SCN to get MSCN within given period of time, after that time period we will not be liable to provide any MSCN.

Master Swiscoin Arbitrage

swiscoin login

Today the analysis tool has graded MSCN on the place number 1604 out of 2326 assets by the safety rank. To evaluate the potential profit that can be received from the Master Swiscoin investment in 2020 the algorithm has analyzed the daily values of the coin for the past 6 months. The character of cryptocurrencies is wavy, which means that there is a good possibility that MSCN can reach near to an all-time value again in the future. You can buy Master Swiscoin from LIVECOIN easily or try one of below.

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  • Other names include virtual currency and altcoins.
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  • Tokens will not be sold on the SwisCoin Exchange any more, as the coin trading has started.
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  • There is a block chain network with a Master Swiscoin [MSCN] securing a majority node and a Swiscoin [SCN] with a small number of nodes.

swiscoin login

Current MSCN price and historical price chart

LoginArchive.com – is your login page finder and advisor. This service was created to help people find relevant login pages for hundred of thousands of websites. 24h trading volume.The most active MSCN trading exchange is Livecoin. All matters relating to the website are governed by Swiss law and any dispute or claim arising there from or related thereto shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Switzerland. Any questions or concerns regarding the use or disclosure of personal information should be directed to the Sentifi Office at the postal or email address given below.

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swiscoin login

Today it reached a high of $0.000132, and now sits at $0.000124. pumapay in sgd Master Swiscoin (MSCN) price is down 3.14% in the last 24 hours.

The Swiscoin network will gradually disappear. Live Swiscoin prices from all markets and SCN coin market Capitalization. Stay up to date with the latest Swiscoin price movements and forum discussion.

AnyDesk is also a practical – and totally free – solution for private users. Because SwisCoin is a very new cryptocurrency, not open for trading for everyone (yet).

Also, we will inform you that the amount of Swiscoin [SCN] from the exchanges [LIVE, C-CEX, etc.] listed on the existing exchange will be automatically converted into the new block chain Master Swiscoin [MSCN]. There is a block chain network with a Master Swiscoin [MSCN] securing a majority node and a Swiscoin [SCN] with a small number of nodes. A Master Swiscoin [MSCN] obtained the majority of the votes has dominated the main block chain.

Market Information

If you still can’t access Swiscoin Login then see Troublshooting options here. AnyDesk has been designed and developed with IT professionals in mind, offering an unbeatable service for those who need fast, efficient and reliable remote access.

Circulating Supply is the supply that is available on the market and circulating at the network. We treat all our Coins as circulating, as there are no coins in the hand of management or reserved for management and staff. Cryptocurrencies refer to all digital forms of payment that employ cryptographic methods, usually in the service of completing a decentralised, secure, and often anonymous money transaction.

Currently only the SwisCoin Network can mine and trade the coin at the SwisCoin Exchange. There are many cryptocurrencies on the market – not all necessarily listed on all exchanges. All listing and trading of cryptocurrencies are held with private, anonymous owners of exchanges – and they decide alone what currencies to accept and list. It is up to them, if they would like to list SwisCoin and when they will list SwisCoin. SwisCoin is a successful, genuine cryptocurrency.

About MSCN

Earnings realized in the past do not guarantee future earnings. Sentifi is not responsible for any loss arising from any investment based on a perceived recommendation. Sentifi reserves the right to amend these Terms of Use at any time, without giving reasons, unless an amendment is unacceptable to the User. Sentifi shall give due notice of any amendments of these Terms of Use to the User. If the User does not object to the applicability of the revised Terms of Use within two weeks after receipt of said notice, the amended Terms of Use shall be deemed to be accepted by the User.

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