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Research: Best Place to Buy Engagement Ring Online.

Thinking of buying an engagement ring online? We’ve done the research and found that the top 3 diamond shops for selection, quality, and general experience.

You can browse in peace, choose from a larger choice, and get more customization options and often, lower prices.

Not only do you want your soon-to-be fiance to love it, you want your wallet to enjoy it, too.

There’s a dizzying number of online diamond shops, so how do you pick out the best one on your own ring?

Best Jewelry Shops for Gorgeous Engagement Rings.

Each takes a different approach, so you need to select the one that most suits your taste and budget.

Best Engagement Ring Stores Review.

Price Choice Customer Service Data Particular.

We’ll discuss what each diamond retailer provides, how they’re distinct, and any downsides you should know about.

Here are key factors to Think about while you shop:

Price: Unless you’ve got a totally infinite budget (which few people do), cost will be a major element in your purchase decision. You can usually find better deals for diamonds on the internet, because the retailer doesn’t have the overhead that weighs down brick-and-mortar jewelers.

Our very best advice is that the ring should cost exactly what you could manage without going into debt but also expensive sufficient to demonstrate your commitment to the relationship.

Number of data: This is only one of the greatest downsides to shopping for diamonds on the internet. You can’t find that the true diamond with your eyes, so you’ve got to rely on the specifications of the 4Cs (clarity, color, cut, carat weight) provided and a photograph. Several sites don’t even provide a genuine picture of the diamond you’ll be getting.

However, some sites handle this dilemma by providing life-like HD videos or vision that the pros use to allow you to be more confident in your purchase. If having the ability to "see" the true diamond you’re purchasing is especially important for you, you’ll want to purchase from a site that delivers these features.

Choice: A bigger choice of diamonds gives you a bigger chance of locating the one that you want that’s also within your budget. Additionally, it means that you ‘ll have more flexibility in customizing the ideal ring exactly the way you enjoy it.

Customer service: This is an important factor, especially in the event that you know very little about diamonds and need the help of a professional. Being able to telephone, live chat, or email a pro once you have questions can be a massive advantage. Furthermore, buying a diamond engagement ring will not come with risk (if it’s online or at a local jeweler), so you would like to make sure it is easy to return it if anything goes wrong.

You need to decide which of the aforementioned factors are important to you – cost, data, customer service, or perhaps another priority. Each site we’re featuring below has flaws and strengths in relation to such categories.

You’re now prepared to shop. Maintaining your needs in mind, we’ll go over the top engagement ring shops:

James Allen.

James Allen wins our name of best ring buying experience palms down. The entire site is extremely user-friendly, even in the event that you’re intimidated by the process of shopping for a ring.

" This feature lets you see a 360-degree, high-definition video for every single diamond in their collection. And if you create an account (which is free), you can get a "super zoom" feature to analyze the diamond with the instruments of a professional shopper.

Screenshot from James Allen Website View the diamond at 360 degrees HD at 20x zoom.

This helps relieve the anxiety of buying a diamond online since you can observe the actual stone you’ll be purchasing.

Another component of James Allen’s excellent shopping experience are their endless customization options. Do you desire a specific engagement ring fashion? James Allen provides 10 diamond shapes and a massive choice of ring setting options (over 500) in most materials. You’ll also get to see each setting in magnificent 360-degree detail, so it is possible to see exactly what the ring will look like from every angle.

Rings from James Allen Website See the way your ring will appear from every angle.

The site is also easy to navigate. You can start with a loose diamond or even a setting. Let’s say you made a decision to opt for a setting first. The site will then lead you to another step by showing you diamonds that fit within that setting, so that you don’t have to think about falling in love with a rock that doesn’t use it. . In addition, you also might find it helpful to look for the matching wedding ring.

If you become stuck, you can find a Real-Time Diamond Consultation with an expert any time daily. This diamond pro can advise you as you consider your options.

Has the very same characteristics (carat, cut, colour, clarity, fluorescence, dining table & thickness percentage, girth, etc.). The competitor diamond must be available for sale to the public.

If James Allen decides to match the competitor’s cost, it is going to honor the new cost for 48 hours.

The downsides: The biggest downside is that if you’re searching for a high quality, super ideal cut diamond, the choice isn’t as good. If that’s the scenario, you may be interested in Whiteflash, another retailer on the shortlist.

Look for Diamonds.

Shop for diamonds at James Allen, a CreditDonkey #1 recommended spouse for the ideal online experience.

Return policy: Free 30-day full-refund return policy Resizing: 1 complimentary resizing within the initial 60 days. Exclusions apply, some rings cannot be resized Warranty: Lifetime warranty that covers cleaning, polishing, and upkeep Diamond buyback: Not now offered Diamond upgrade: Return the bead for 100% credit towards a bigger one, provided that it’s double the price of the initial.


If brilliance is your top concern if you are searching for an engagement ring, then Whiteflash is a good spot to check out. Whiteflash is known for its world wide A CUT ABOVE super ideal cut diamonds.

Why is Whiteflash great: Bigger is not always better. Too many anglers forfeit a diamond’s possibility by opting for a bigger diamond with a poorer cut.

But cut is the most important C of the 4C’s, so a well-cut diamond can look bigger, shinier, and better at hiding any imperfections. Whiteflash is among the few shops that really puts the emphasis on cut.

Their A CUT ABOVE diamonds are cut and polished into the perfect angles and proportions for maximum brilliance. Each of these diamonds is accredited by the AGS Laboratory as Triple Ideal (the maximum rating possible in light functionality, polish, and symmetry), and they go through a series of further evaluations by Whiteflash’s own pros. Only diamonds that pass all the requirements are labeled as A CUT ABOVE.

A CUT ABOVE Diamond Screenshot from Whiteflash Website.

Whiteflash is completely transparent regarding the quality of their diamonds by providing an exceptional number of data for every single in-house diamond. This goes way past the 4Cs. Along with actual photos and video, you also become light performance pictures (which reveal the amount of light leakage) and arrows and hearts patterning (which reveals symmetry). It’s very rare to get a diamond vendor to give out this much info.

The pictures speak for themselves, so you can feel confident about what you’re getting.

Downsides: Whiteflash’s in-house diamond inventory is limited to only round or princess cut diamonds.

In case you’d like a different shape, Whiteflash has a broader collection of virtual inventory sourced from partner vendors. However, you won’t get a genuine picture or vision for in advance with those diamonds. If you do pick one of those diamonds, then it will still go through Whiteflash’s expert evaluation and imaging before being sent to you.

Bear in mind the precision and skill necessary to really make super ideal cut diamonds means they’re more costly. You may be tempted to discuss budget as soon as you get started looking at these ideal rocks.

Look for Diamonds.

Shop for diamonds at Whiteflash, a CreditDonkey recommended spouse for super ideal cut diamonds.

Return policy: 30 days for in house diamonds; 10 days for virtual inventory Resizing: 1 complimentary resizing within the first year. Exclusions apply, some rings cannot be resized Warranty: One-year service plan covers refinishing and repairs for the metals and accent diamonds Diamond buyback: Get 70% of their cost back within one year Lifetime trade-up: Swap the existing eligible stone to get a new one that’s worth exactly the exact same price or more.

Wide Selection of Engagement Rings: Blue Nile.

Blue Nile.

Blue Nile is an immense, mega-online diamond jewelry giant that you’ve probably already learned. It provides one of the greatest choice of diamonds at some of the lowest prices.

Why is Blue Nile great: Blue Nile gets its absolutely huge inventory by signing exclusive contracts with diamond retailers all around the world. Not only are their diamonds recorded globally, other retailers aren’t even allowed to sell them. They have dominated the market.

This also ensures that you get the lowest prices. In fact, Blue Nile provides a lowest price guarantee. If you find a lower priced diamond with the very same specs someplace else, then Blue Nile will fit the price.

Blue Nile’s huge inventory means a search for a diamond with your specifications will easily pull up hundreds of options.

Screenshot of Blue Nile Website The site is easy to use, with slider bars for correcting your standards. This simple search pulled up 549 diamonds.

Blue Nile provides ten diamond shapes and an adequate choice of settings. Additionally, it supplies a vast range of gemstones and fancy colored diamonds, so it is possible to design something really unique if you’re so inclined. Blue Nile also has a sizable Signature Collection of their super ideal cut diamonds and a choice of designer rings.

In case you’ve got a very specific fashion and budget in mind, you’re bound to find something to your liking in Blue Nile’s vast choice.

The downsides: Blue Nile diamond engagement rings has just made huge strides to improve its online shopping experience, thus there is very little downside now.

It used to be that you purchase without any pictures, but most of its own diamonds have a 360-degree video preview. Some are still sold solely by the specs (only the 4C’s and also the GIA Grading Report), however there are many diamonds with movies there’s no reason to purchase blind anymore.

Look for Diamonds.

Shop for diamonds at Blue Nile, a CreditDonkey recommended partner for the massive choice of diamonds.

Return policy: 30-day full refund return policy Resizing: 1 complimentary resizing within the first year. Exclusions apply, some rings cannot be resized Warranty: Lifetime warranty and free cleaning and review Diamond buyback: Diamond buyback program through Mondiamo for current market value. Diamond upgrade: Return the bead for 100% credit towards a bigger one, provided it’s double the price of the first.

Worst Places to Buy an Engagement Ring.

Anywhere without certified diamonds: Make sure you realize which laboratory the retailer certifies their diamonds and that they provide a certification with the bead. You should be able to see and browse the certification of every diamond on the site. We advocate GIA or AGS certificates, since they are both most trustworthy labs with constant standards.

Anywhere without a clear return policy: Never buy from a shop that doesn’t have a 100 percent no-questions-asked return policy within a reasonable time frame. You overlook ‘t want to get stuck with a ring if it’s not exactly what you anticipated or for whatever other reason.

Anywhere without a GIA Graduate Gemologist on staff: You wish to purchase your diamond out of a shop with trained professionals. A GIA graduate can correctly assess a pearl and assist you in making the best decision. A place that doesn’t have one is not legit and won’t be able to help you.

Anywhere that only sells mounted diamonds: There’s very little flexibility if your only options are already put entire rings. With loose diamonds, then you can select the perfect diamond that matches your specifications. Already mounted rings can make the diamond appear better than it really is, so you may overpay.

I’m worried about buying online without seeing the true diamond. Any suggestions? We understand. James Allen and Whiteflash equally allow you to see the true diamond you’ll purchase. Blue Nile doesn’t. With James Allen, every diamond is at 360 degrees within an HD video, so that you can see for yourself if it’s eye-clean. You can even request Idealscope pictures from James Allen. They provide Idealscope pictures (to help you analyze light performance) for free for up to 3 diamonds. Whiteflash provides light functionality vision, so you can observe the way the diamond works.

I would like to custom design the perfect engagement ring. I have a sketch in mind. Who can help me with that? All 3 retailers will use you to custom design the perfect ring out of your sketch or simply an idea. Obviously, you’ll have to purchase the diamond from the shop.

I don’t want a diamond. Where can I search for gemstone engagement rings? In case you’re searching for a gemstone, James Allen provides a massive selection. And just like with their diamonds, then you can browse for gemstones and see each individual in HD 360 degrees.

Where can I purchase colored diamonds on the internet? Both Blue Nile and James Allen have a massive choice of rare colored diamonds. But remember that you only get a sample photograph at Blue Nile, while James Allen enables you to see the true diamond in HD video.

I’m searching for a designer ring. Any recommendations? Whiteflash provides a large choice of brand name designer rings with designs by Tacori, Verragio, Simon G., Vatch, Ritani, and Danhov.

Why are perfect cut diamonds worthwhile and where can I get one I can trust? Ideal cut diamonds have been cut and polished into the most perfect proportions to give off the most brilliance and fire. This is extremely hard to achieve. For true ideal cut diamonds, it’s hard to conquer Whiteflash’s A CUT ABOVE diamonds. And the most important issue is that Whiteflash provides one of the vision to prove the quality of their diamonds.

I’ve a diamond . Where can I go to only find a ring setting? Both James Allen and Whiteflash can set a diamond you already have in among their settings. Whiteflash requires the diamond is either GIA certified or AGS certified. Some particular cases may require a mounting fee, so consult with a rep.

I’ve a setting . Where can I go to get a diamond for this? Whiteflash can set among their diamonds into your ring setting to get a $100 mounting fee.

Where can I purchase loose diamonds? Most online diamond jewelers will offer you loose diamonds. For instance, you might want to purchase a loose diamond online and have it placed in a custom setting by your local jeweler. This can allow your fiance to select the setting she needs while still allowing the diamond for a surprise.

I need a setting in rose gold ring. Which site has those? Even though in the event that you’re more about a budget, James Allen is a better bet.

Which jeweler offer engraving? All 3 retailers provide engraving. James Allen provides it free of charge, despite the fact that there is an engraving fee with Blue Nile and Whiteflash. Before you engrave that ring, please be aware that Blue Nile engraved rings can only be returned for credit. James Allen and Whiteflash engraved rings could be returned for a refund.

Which diamond shops offer discounts? Whiteflash provides a 3% discount for wire transfers however notice that some designer configurations are not eligible for this reduction. That having been said, we usually advise that you pay with a credit card to get the a variety of purchase protection benefits offered by credit card issuers. Plus, if you pay with a money back or airline miles charge card, then you’ll earn rewards that you can use on your honeymoon.

Which diamond jewelers provide a price match? Blue Nile provides price matching, but there are strict terms. The competing diamond must be GIA certified or AGS certified and must match on all of the 4Cs. Other standards might be compared also, such as symmetry, gloss, and fluorescence.

I would like a huge diamond, however how can I save money? Diamond prices increase significantly since they hit entire carat weights. To find the best price, start looking for a diamond only marginally under whole carats. Likewise, a 1.90 carat is more affordable than a 2 carat diamond. Consider opting for a diamond just shy of another weight class.

Why are round, brilliant diamonds more expensive? Round, brilliant diamonds are the most popular form and their price reflects the greater demand and higher costs. A fancy cut diamond may offer more bang for the dollar because there’s less manufacturing waste, however a round diamond’s brilliance is tough to beat.

What if I want to sell my diamond ring? Don’t treat your diamond like a investment. While a diamond is precious, it’s unlikely you’ll regain the psychological value connected to the diamond when it comes time to sell it. In case you’re seeking to create an investment, we advise that you think about investing in stocks.

Which diamond retailers collect sales tax?

Bottom Line: James Allen vs Blue Nile vs Whiteflash.

Which shop is the best for buying a diamond ring online?

Blue Nile has a large selection, so no matter your budget, you’ll find something that works for you. Or you could design the perfect ring on James Allen and see it from every angle.

In the end, the ideal store for you is the one that you feel comfortable with and provides what you’re searching for. Prior to buying, you need to visit all 3 retailers: Blue Nile, James Allen, and Whiteflash. Buying the ideal engagement ring is a massive purchase, so you want to feel confident throughout the process. And don’t forget the wedding ring.

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